Dressing the Avatar Overview

Before you dress the avatar, you must arrange the pieces, and prepare the garment. For more information, refer to:


To dress the avatar:

  1. On the Main toolbar, click Dress.


    • Simulation starts.

    • The Dress icon is replaced with a Pause icon.

    • The progress bar is activated.

  2. Simulation may take some time.

    1. Click Pause to pause the simulation.


    2. Click Finish to force the simulation to finish.


    3. Click Undress to clear the simulation.


    For information about warnings that may display, refer to Warnings While Dressing.

    If the dressed garment is not satisfactory, consider the following:

    You can also use the 3D styling tools to adjust how the garment is on the avatar. For more information, refer to Using the 3D Styling Tools.

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