Hiding Elements

You can hide elements in the 2D window or the 3D window or both.

  • An element hidden in the 2D window is automatically hidden in the 3D window.

  • An element hidden in the 3D window is visible in the 2D window.

Reminder: On the 2D window toolbar, click Hide internal lines to hide all internal lines in your garment.

Hiding a Pattern Piece

Hiding an Internal Element

  • Hiding an internal element means it does not display. However, if it has physical or other properties, or stitches, these remain in effect.

  • Hiding an internal element using the 2D tab method, hides it in the 2D and 3D window.

  • Hiding an internal element using the Context view method hides it only in the 3D window.


Video available For an introduction, check out the video: Group, Lock, and Hide

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