Editing Vector Artwork Properties

2019 August Edition and newer

You can edit the properties of vector artwork, similar to editing other artwork but with additional features.

To edit artwork properties:

  1. If the Materials tab is not already open, on the Resources tabs, click Materials.


  2. If not already open, click the Garment tab.

    Garment tab is open

  3. Go to the Artwork section and click the artwork you want to edit. The artwork properties are displayed in the Context view.

Edit the properties as required.

Converting Existing Vector Artwork in Garments

Previously, the application converted vector artwork to PNG format. Now, when you open a file with an existing Ai graphic, you are prompted with the option to convert to vector format.

To convert existing Ai/SVG artwork to vector:

  1. On the Resources tabs, click Materials, then Garment.

  2. On the Resources tabs, hover over the artwork you want to convert. Click Click to display a menu. A menu is displayed.

  3. Click Convert to Vector.


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