Trims Overview

Trim objects are decorative items - 2D or 3D - that you can apply to your garments.

There are the following main types of trim:

  • Edge Assignable

    Trim items that can be assigned to an edge or line. For example, repeatable 2D trim, and smart zippers.

  • Piece Assignable

    Trim items that can be assigned to a piece as an internal element. For example, 2D trim, 3D trim, and smart buttons.

A trim object includes the parts detailed in the following table.

Part Description


Front of the trim, facing away from the avatar.


Back of the trim.

Visual Properties

Various visual maps and supporting properties.

Physical Properties

Properties such as mass, friction, thickness, bend, stretch, and so on, stored in the fabric database.


Information added to the tech pack.

Smart buttons and zippers have unique properties. For more information, refer to:

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