What's New in VStitcher 2020 May Edition

  • For a list of all the updates, see the release notes.

  • Find more detailed information below, including links to instructions on using the new features and the webinar video.

Upgrading to 2020 May Edition

Download and install VStitcher 2020 May Edition from here.
  • Dongle License Users - you must update your license dongle. Send your C2V to support@browzwear-global.com. For further information, refer to Retrieving a C2V File and Applying a V2C File.

  • Cloud License Users - send your upgrade request to support@browzwear-global.com. There is no need to send any files.

  • If you need to renew your contract and are interested in the 2020 May Edition, contact sales@browzwear.com.

Showcasing and Collaboration

Design Visualization and Styling

Garment Creation




The following webinar video shows you some of the new features in this edition.

Webinar Files

You can download the webinar demonstration outfit files here.