External Drawings

External drawings are drawings or designs - artwork - created in Adobe Illustrator.

To create an external drawing:

  1. Open Adobe Illustrator.

  2. Load the garment file you want to work on.

  3. On the Resources tabs, click 2D. The External Drawings section displays at the bottom of the page.

    External Drawings

  4. Click Design in Illustrator. The garment file as displayed in the 2D window opens in Adobe Illustrator.

  5. Create whatever drawing or design you want.

  6. In Adobe Illustrator, click Save. The display in the 2D window of VStitcher is synchronized to include the new drawing or design.

  7. Toggle Toggle external drawings to either hide or display the external drawings.

  8. After you save your garment in VStitcher, Sync is enabled. Click Sync to sync your garment layout in the 2D window with the layout in Adobe Illustrator.

  • You cannot move or edit an external drawing in VStitcher

  • You can move or edit an external drawing in Adobe Illustrator.

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