You can configure a range of preferences in VStitcher.

For information about keyboard shortcuts, refer to Keyboard Shortcuts.

Viewing VStitcher Preferences

To view the preferences:

  1. On the Main menu, click:

    • Edit (Windows)

    • VStitcher (Mac)

  2. Click Preferences. The Preferences dialog box is displayed.

    2020 May Edition and newer VStitcher 2019 April Edition VStitcher 8.0
    Preferences dialog box Preferences dialog box

    Preferences dialog box

Editing VStitcher Preferences

To edit the preferences:

  1. If not already displayed, open the Preferences dialog box. Refer to Viewing VStitcher Preferences.

  2. Click the appropriate tab.

  3. Edit the preferences as required.

  4. Click OK.

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